Elwalid's Story

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Every one knows smoking is bad for their health because it is displayed on ever cigarette packet. People have some cravings in this life and some want to smoke cigarettes even though they know it’s bad for their health. When people take up smoking their bodies will react in different ways. Some will get tired and lose energy and others will become hyperactive. They still smoke because they have an addiction to nicotine. They also believe cigarettes help them to relax and some people believe it helps them to work better.

I think the tobacco companies are very rich from the sale of cigarettes because many people need to smoke cigarettes. I think this is wrong because some people get very sick from smoking.

I think governments must have money to pay for all services and businesses provide revenue for all the people from their profits.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My history

My name’s Elwalid. My first language is Arabic. I come from Sudan. I studied public relations & media. I live in Yagoona with my wife and my daughter. Before I came here I worked in a media corporation. I have been here about six months.

I have three brothers here and my mother here too. I am very happy here because Australia is very safe. Now I have a baby. Her is name is Nora. She is a beautiful baby and I am very happy with her. I am not working now because I am studying in AMES.

When I finish studying English I will continue in TAFE. I have some plan for the future. I want to have a good job because I studied four years in university to get a degree in Journalism.